Davalos My Page

Davalos My Page is an area to add personal pages for registered users.  Clicking on the link will bring registered users to their personal page that has been created.

A couple of pages have been created now by myself and my younger son.

We added a music playlists to our pages using   Cinopa provides code to embed media for webpages and they provide the Joomla code compatable on this site.

There is a bit of flexibility with the site builder and leaves it pretty open to the end user.

For my personal site I also setup a subdomain, my full name as the site, which I set to point to My Page.

I setup a subdomain for my son at which is for his personal blog use but can be easily linked to the main My Page for any user if desired.

The goal of the site is to provide a portal to share media and content via allowing user to post their own pages, articles and blogs and is always up to the user how much is to be shared publicly or to registered users.

Davalos Surname History

House of Names website has information on the Davalos surname which I will be spending some time to put together on this website.  I downloaded a pdf from with a brief history of the Davalos surname including some names found to have migrated to the United States.


Download the pdf here for free.

Davalos Surname History

Davalos Team Opened Cameo Magic

We are sharing our cameo designs casting them into custom jeweled pendants.

Here is a beatiful Mary with baby Jesus and garden fairy cameo silver pendant necklaces custom ordered.

Check out the options at

Mother Mary Baby JesusGarden Fairy Silver Pendant